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Hello, Mr. Pepper.  I accidentally sent a fb friend request to one of my e-mail contacts. Facebook imported all of my contacts, even those who were deleted and sometimes dead.  I had to unselect all but the one I wanted. Well, I accidentally missed one. I could not cancel or retract the request. Now my friend who detests FB is receiving piles of e-mail from FB, pestering her and choking her Inbox.  Both of us have tried sending messages to FB, and they will not desist. How can I make FB leave my friend alone?  For now, I have advised her to label all FB e-mails as spam. Please help us.  Thank you very much for your time.


I think at this point, having your friend mark all of the FB email as spam is her best bet.  Typically Facebook allows for an opt-out of receipt of email from them, so it's unclear why that's not working in your friend's case.

Good luck!

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