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Can you please tell me how to convert 1010100101111110B into hexadecimal?


First we have a problem:

This character "B" is NOT binary.

So I will leave that out of this math conversion for the purpose of this answer.

Now if you were in a Math class they would go about division by 16, but here is a trick I learned many years ago:

Binary:    1010 1001 0111 1110          (Now work right to left and break it up in 4 digits:



So now lets break down the Binary to HEX remember:   right to left:  8 4 2 1 =15 MAX
because starting at 0.

0-9 same as decimal

11=A   = 1010
12=B   = 1011
13=C   = 1100
14=D   = 1101
15=E   = 1110
16=F   = 1111

HEX (4 places:  8 4 2 1)

1010  |1001  |0111  |1110
  A          9         7          E     = HEX

Now if you want to learn how to quickly convert to Decimal and Octal let me know, and I will show you: It is EASY!

Hope this helps,

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