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In Google, how do you set up folders and files for favorite websites?

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Pablo Durissimo


Google email does not use folders, it uses 'labels' instead.


"Google Chrome: Favorites is the name used by Microsoft and Internet Explorer whereas other browsers including Chrome use the term Bookmarks. When you installed the program, you were given the option to import those Favorites into Chrome. If you have not done so, then click on the "wrench" and select "import bookmarks and settings". the items you had in Links will then be in the Bookmarks Bar and the balance will be in Other Bookmarks which ill be accessed from the right of the Bookmarks bar >>. The one thing you will notice is that there is no way to sort bookmarks by name and unfortunately, Chrome will add new bookmarks added at the bottom of the list of any bookmark folder/category. to add a bookmark, select the * next to the refresh symbol and then click the down arrow to select where you wish the bookmark to go (browse). A request by many users so far has not gotten a positive response from Chrome creators to make the bookmarks sortable by name. However there is now a bookmarks manager and a means to export the bookmarks as an html file which is great for those wanting bookmarks available from another computer such as when traveling."

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