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Dear Mr.James:

I have a problem with McAfee.

I have McAfee Antivirus Plus.
I pay $ 55.-- for the subscription, yearly.

McAfee gives me a warning:  Your computer is at risk, real-time scanning on off. when I click on "turn on," it immediately jumps back to "turned off."  When I try to run a full scan, it gives me in a second the message: "An unexpected problem occurred during your scan, try again." The scan did not even start yet. As often as I try again, the same happens.

This "your computer is at risk"  popup happens almost every 5 minutes.  It is very disturbing and annoying.  I think that McAfee is trying to convince me to make an additional subscription.

Is McAfee a good antivirus company? BBB rates it with A+, but I am not so sure about that. It is very difficult to get into contact with this company and complain about issues. It is also very difficult to cancel one's subscription when teh subscription runs out, they make it very difficult to cancel and renew iot automatically.  I have also Microsoft Essential AV and it shows me that "my computer is protected."  And I can run a full scan with Essentials.

Do I really need an antivirus program, especially a paid one?  How reliable are the free AV programs, and which one is the best?

McAfee is also preventing me from downloading Flash Player, and I cannot play any videos.

TIA for your answer."

Revised: About McAfee, it's probably because you have another antivirus running. You'll need to remove one or the other. (Sorry, forgot about that). in a security site (see profile) with basic info about antivirus applications.

Use your favorite search engine to find results for "best free antivirus programs." If you don't have WOT (web of trust link on homepage) browser add on -  get it using a browser that support it. Since you paid for it, you can contact them and expect an answer, but they won't tell you about their competitors. Enrgy21 has links (home and tools pages) to excellent sites that provide info on this subject as well.

Same thing for McAfee and flash - search engine. And, several free forums addressing McAfee expert opinions, similar questions answered and support. Your questions are really homework (or private support) I don't give advice about which ones are best (see Instructions to questioner), but wanted to give you some explanation in this case, since you didn't notice that.

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