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Hi Again Keith,
This is the follow-up to our last emails regarding my infected yahoo email account, where you suggested I use Combofix to fix it.
The last thing was that I couldn't get IE to operate after I used combofix, so I followed your instructions & now it works fine, but with one problem on my computer.
When I go from one window to the next I get the following message;
"you are about to leave a secure internet connection, it will be possible for others to see to view information you send, do you wish to continue"
This happens everytime no matter which window I'm on !
How can I fix this & should I be worried about it ?

This is in "internet options" under security settings. They may have been reset. There is a "slider" that allows you to increase or decrease security. While you want your computer to be secure you don't want it to be so strictly secure that it is bothering you. You can try the different settings with the slider or you can go to the advanced button and see everything in detail. I don't know the exact setting you are looking for. Go to control panel> internet options and the advanced tab. You can also see more details by going to the security tab (this is where you will see the slider I spoke of). There is a custom level there. Look through those settings also. Mainly see where the slider is set. Mine is set to "medium-high".

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