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QUESTION: Why does it always seem that I end up with anti-virus software on my computer that runs a scan and finds like 30 or so items that my paid virus software can't find, and when I switch to that new software it may find one thing a week if anything ever again? lol. It really does seem the virus software out there lies about computer threats to sell software. What do you think?

ANSWER: Not sure what anti-virus software you are using. There are some out there that are fake. I use, and have used for the last 6-8 years, AVG free. You can get it here:

If you have a 64bit OS you will want to get that version. The link is to the 32 bit version.

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QUESTION: I currently use Mcafee. It seems to work, although sometimes things are a little sluggish. If someone is to spend money on anti-virus software what is the best more comprehensive software that will scan and remove all forms of threats without interfering with online browsing?

ANSWER: AVG is the best anti-virus software I have used and uses the least amount of system resources as any other. McAfee is a resource hog.
AVG is paid or free.

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QUESTION: What makes AVG better? Does it have better experts to write the virus definitions or something? I had the paid AVG before and viruses kept getting in.

AVG is the best anti-virus I have ever used. However, to stop trojans, spwyware, and other malware, I use another program. You can get a manual (free) or auto version (paid) of Malwarebytes. It is great. Get it at
Perhaps when you say "viruses kept getting in", it was a trojan or something that AVG is not setup to stop. You can also try Spybot Search and Destroy. It is free, realtime scanning, and does not use many system resources unless you use the "teatimer" option.

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