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Well I play game online, and I purchased some items on the game. And every time I do someone hacks into my account on the game and when this happens my computer gets shut down completely. I have completely changed my password multiple times and they still are somehow getting into my account and are stealing everything, I have there IP address and I was wondering how I cpd go about pressing charges on this person for hacking into my computer and possibly stealing my personal incormation

Good question. Do you really want to press charges? Since I'm not a cop, sorry I can't give advice like that - you'd have to ask them. Actually a lawyer would be even better. Normally, I wouldn't answer these questions.

However, I will say determining the actual IP address of anyone takes an expert with the right connections. And knowing the IP address isn't the same thing as knowing the actual person(s) stealing from you - they could be in China, Russia.....

Also, are you using this seriously compromised computer to send this Question?

The reason I'm replying:
You "should" have your computer completely overhauled, removing all viruses, keyloggers, and/or other kinds of malware, and then try using it again making sure it never happens again.

Another option: Make sure your antivirus and Firewall applications are up to date, as well as your Windows system (if that's what you're using).

Do you use sometimes run antispyware scans with a reputable application?  Have you removed the games? Do you have problems with any other purchases online besides the games?

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