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I have a PC.
It got infected.
The virus closes my internet browser periodically and gives me a message, which I've taken photos of and put online below.
(Taken with camera.  When I tried to use my screen capture software "snip", it blocked it and said it was infected.)
I can temporarily eliminate the virus by going into my task manager to delete "BPS.exe".  The message (to buy antivirus software) will then be eliminated, but only for a while.  And it keeps coming back. And keeps closing my internet browser to give me the messages in the link above.
Would it be possible to send me the instructions as to how to permanently eradicate this virus
Also, my Trend Micro expired and I was going without protection for a while. Will be purchasing soon.

ANSWER: You have one of the many fake anti-virus trojans that have been around for awhile. Straight to the point you will probably have to run Malwarebytes or Combofix to get rid of it. Both are free. Since the level of infection seems to be high, I would go ahead and use Combofix. You can get it here:
It is an executable so you don't install it. Occasionally if a trojan is bad enough it will block combofix. If this happens just rename combofix. Just make sure you leave the .exe suffix on the end. Let me know how it goes.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks!  Seems to work.  I changed the name of the .exe file to NotComboFix.exe, but the virus still blocked my opening it.  So I went into the Windows task manager to end the process called "BPS.exe", which closed the virus' nuisance message, and that allowed me to run the program.  After about 7 minutes it had scanned and fixed the issue.  The malicious software "Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2012" is now eradicated, fingers crossed.  (Any more issues I'll get back to you.)

It was my partner's computer that was affected (I'm more careful of what I click).  She's relieved and passes her thanks on to you.  I've expressed my appreciation with a small tip through paypal.  

Thanks once again, Keith.

Thank you.
Combofix is great. I'm not sure what else you are running but I would install malwarebytes, keep it updated, and run a scan every now and then. Also, I did not mention before, but I use AVG free edition as my anti-virus. It is free and automatically updates. I have never been infected with any viruses while using it. Get it at

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