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hi..i had the norton 360 in this; its a win 7 pc. this was a big drain on the system so i got rid of it and put avast in it. now i paid for the avast cd but no activatio code comes with it. i wrote to avast and they sent directions which did not work. anyway, what would you recommend as a very good anti virus program which will not bog down the system but also has an activation code in the box? i dont have time to go round and round with these people, who claim they dont know who i am, despite the fact i can sign into the avast with no problems?  thank you!!

I use AVG free edition for my anti-virus (there is a full security suite you can pay for). Get the free edition here (64bit edition, most all Win7 pcs are 64bit):
I use Malwarebytes for everything else (you will not need this if you get the AVG security suite). It is free and totally manual (the paid version has more features). Get it here:
Let me know how it goes.

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