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During the past 2 years i've had my credit card details stolen twice online so now i'm looking for as secure a setup as possible while still maintaining usability. I'm obviously also taking a hard look at my internet shopping habbits but that's not what my question is about

I have a Windows 8 64bit install which i can't abandon due to software i need which is win only and locked to that installation (licenses). Now i can't be 100% sure it's clean but i'm running windows firewall, windows defender, malwarebytes pro and sandboxie on my browsers. I've used Chrome with javascripts blocked for .com, .net and .org and adblock plus

Ideally i would love to switch to a linux install but dual booting is annoying in Windows 8 so here is what i'm doing instead:

The windows 8 install mentioned above with Virtualbox running Ubuntu 12.10

I'd use windows only for the win only software i need + games and use Ubuntu for everything else. It runs very smooth in Virtualbox so i'm just wondering if this would be considered a secure setup?

Sorry for the wall of text and thank you in advance:)

Hi Jonas,

First, I suggest you read:

The two replies should answer (generally speaking) your question, "a secure setup?"

About your host system, consider a third party Firewall. I'd mention several specifically, but it's a matter of personal preference, so check out reviews here:

Consider too, Spybot Search and Destroy, and become familiar with and use the "Immunization" feature and other advanced features.

For Chrome, you could add NotScripts, WOT, KB SSL Enforcer, and SaferChrome addons.

I notice you didn't mention your anti-virus application. If you don't have one, please install one as soon as possible: has a list and excellent reviews.  

Techsupportalert, Cnet and a few other reputable sites also have excellent, thorough reviews. (my home page) also has links to a few excellent apps and Firewall and anti-virus review sites.

I hope this info helps - just let me know.  

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