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QUESTION: Hello James. It's great to see you doing so well!

I volunteered at Allexperts for about a year starting about a year ago in a couple Writing categories and was enjoying it very much. Then I noticed that the http:// on my address bar had been replaced by About:Home and I couldn't change it back. I asked a computer forensics expert who used to be here and whose name I've forgotten about it and he said About liked to track where I was going (I suppose because I was volunteering here). I quit volunteering, asked to have all my answers (well-received and highly-rated)removed. Allexperts said they'd remove them, but many are still here. I use Firefox (and see you've published at Mozilla - Congrats!). Please explain how I can remove the <About.Home> and get it back to http:// or Google, whatever it was. I am no longer a volunteer here so should no longer be tracked by About, though I enjoyed my work here and worked hard. It doesn't matter if About was tracking me or not. I just want to get my address bar back the way it was. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

ANSWER: Hello Jeff,

Could it be a Home Page change problem?

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QUESTION: Dear James,
Thank you very much, but I use Firefox with Win7 so don't think I need to mess with IE or Safari, especially as I'm a technical dolt. I also have another problem. My Search engine that was happily Google, but I'll send a new question after thanking you and rewarding you with all 10s and a nomination for your kind help with this one. This question is only about my address bar that always began with <http://> until I started volunteering here, when it became About:Home

Jefferson tutorjb1

Sorry for not understanding your question.
Perhaps it's a question related to "What is HTTP".

Do you see http:// all the time? Do you also see "www" sometimes?

Try the https security extension.

"HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure."

One last possibility: could have actually updated its servers to reflect that difference, but see if there's a difference using HTTPS Everywhere.

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