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I have this free antivirus through my school, and I got to thinking after some strange incidents.

I was surfing the web, and I got this I

[B]Warning: Questionable website.....(something about spam and URLS)

Location: ********

Your organization's policy is set to warn on websites categorized as Hacking.

Return to the page you were previously viewing.[link]

Proceed to this website at your own discretion.[link]

Note: This action will be logged.

what does it mean as my organization's policy?

and that this action is logged? I'm not too sure, and was wondering if was possible if my school could be monitoring my activities on the web at home? I looked through the anti-virus log history, and nothing.

I then was looking at the installed programs on my computer and saw the anti-virus, but I also saw[B] Remote Management System[/B] of the anti-virus, as well.  I don't know what to make of this.

can you shed some light on the problem?



It seems like your organization or school has a policy to restrict accessing some websites. when you tried to enter those website blocked by the school gives this warning. Nothing strange. they just monitor the activities you do in the school. once your out of school network it won't monitor any activity of you.

Depends on school computer usage policy they might take action.

what ever the things you found in your computer is related to your operating system feature.

I hope you got the clear answer.


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