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QUESTION: Hello again, James.

I think I might be able to figure out what's gone wrong if I could only find the Internet Options panel in Win7 from my Firefox/Google Homepage. It seemed easy to do with Win 98SE and XP, but I can't seem to do anything with 7.

Please just tell me what to do in your answer instead of sending me to some article. As soon as I get back from reading them, I forget what they said and usually can't fond them again. Plus. my eye allergies make me nearly blind as I can't keep my eyes open long.
Thank You,

ANSWER: Dear Jefferson,

I hope this works, but we'll get it done. Referring back to your original question,

"Then I noticed that the http:// on my address bar had been replaced by About:Home..."

"...I use Firefox..."

"...Please explain how I can remove the <About.Home> and get it back to http:// or Google, whatever it was."

Only you can decide what you want your home page to be.

The domain names - like Google, or Allexperts or anything else you want, may have "http://" - "www", or nothing in from of the actual domain name.

You choose your home page in your Browser - not your system (Win7, XP...)

In the Internet Explorer browser, "Internet Options panel" applies.

However, since you're using the latest Firefox version 24.0, other terms apply.

Open Firefox (home page is still right?). Navigate to the page or site you want to be your home page.

Go to the top, right hand side and left-click "Tools", then click "Options".

Click "General".

You'll see "Use my home page" - when "When Firefox Starts"

Then "Home page"
Under that, click "Use Current Pages" button - which should change from "about" to the page you're on and click OK.

Then, close the browser and open again. That should resolve the issue. Just let me know.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank You, James.
I wrote down what you said to do regarding Firefox, but haven't tried it yet because I'm afraid I'll lose all my bookmarks under my homepage address bar. Is that so? There aren't many. It seems after I bookmarked 5 or 6 sites(maybe 7 or8), that I couldn't bookmark more. I want to keep those I have because they're complicated and I use them all the time.

Right now, when I click the Home "key," I go to a page that has the Firefox Logo - blue globe with an orange fox with a "firey" tail wrapped around it. The search box in the center says Infospace Search inside it, but Google's involved because I have Google spell-check wherever I go. There's a gray circle at the start of my address bar that when I put my pointer over it here at says: "This website does not supply identity information." I suppose other sites do. I'm only bothered by the About:Home(sometimes About:Blank) at the start of my address bar when I'm Home and at some other sites. Please don't go back to the start of my question or talk about other search engines not associated with Firefox. I just want to know how to permanently get rid of the <About> on my address bar. I plan this to be my last follow-up.

Don't worry. You won't lose your Firefox bookmarks.

Tools > Options > General > Startup > When Firefox starts (make sure "Show my home page" shows)

Then in the window next to Home Page, it should show the page you're on - the page you want as your home page.

Click -  Use Current Pages.
Click OK. When you open Fx next time, your home page will be whatever you previously inserted.

If you have several tabs open when you do this, they'll all be your Home Page, so make sure you only have one page - the page you want - open when you create your new home page.

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