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About a yr ago, several of my email contacts rcvd an email from me with only a link to a website. The same email was sent many people on my brother's contact list, but not mine. I'm guessing I got it from him. About the same time, my system has slowed down (Windows 7). I can't seem to find the virus or whatever it is. Emails are still being sent in my name. I've used various virus programs, system scans, firewalls, malware programs, etc. I'm at a loss. What can I do to get rid of this problem? I'm no beginner, but certainly not an expert, so please keep it in layman's terms. Thanks for your time.

Your question is confusing. Did it slow down a year ago? Recently?

You've checked various scans and found nothing, but have you deleted your temporary files lately, or defragmented your volume?

About emails being sent in your name, this article might help you understand that problem:

about other reasons why your computer is slower.

Please provide more info about the security applications you use on a regular basis, if the above doesn't help you resolve the issues.

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