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QUESTION: Dear James: I'm doing my best to follow your previous instructions about getting rid of the irritating About:Home(sometimes About:Blank) at the start of my Address bar. I "navigated" to Firefox by putting in the Google Search Box in  the middle of my current Firefox Home Page. There was NO Tools button in the upper right on that page. In the upper right there is an Arrow pointing down (Shows the progress of downloads), then a "house" to take me Home, then a Webroot Emblem(to take me to some sort of Webroot page that requires me to sign in with a password I can never recall, so don't use it) then an "Eye"(that is all about IM that I'm not at all interested in, so don't use that either). That is all - No "Tools." After I Googled Firefox, I chose the return that said "Languages" and put U.S. English in the search box. I was told I had the latest edition of Firefox, but those same 4 things are still in the upper right. No "Tools" to start your instructions. Again, please don't send me to a site or talk about anything except Firefox that I don't absolutely have to know. You're very patient. but sometimes too thorough for me.

Thank you very much,
JB - tutorjb1

ANSWER: Upper left. (I was probably using another browser at that moment - I sincerely apologize).
You'll see "File", then Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help.

Left click "Tools", scroll down to and Left click "Options"...

The following link is just the actual Firefox image and where Tools is located.

"Open the website you want to set as your home page.
Click the icon to the left of the web address, drag it to the Home button, and release."

Here's an image (very easy) of this being done:

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: James: I really don't mean to wear you out, but the list you gave isn't in the upper left either. What I see there above the "most Visited" tab is a Left-pointing arrow, a Right-pointing arrow, a Key, then my address bar above a small Firefox globe and the words Getting Started. Now it starts with a gray "globe," that talks about ID Info when I put my pointer over it, followed by, but when I'm home has a red Firefox emblem in it followed by the word Firefox in red and then the annoying About: Home or About:Blank junk I want to get rid of.
This is so much trouble, I'm beginning to believe About is tracking us both and everybody volunteering at Allexpets that I wish I'd never done. The computer forensics guy whose name I don't recall. told me About liked to see where its experts went on the Web and I'm beginning to believe that, but I'm no longer an expert and wish I never was so About should leave me Alone!
Thanks, buddy,
tutorjb1-JB from And the tutorjb group. Please join if About prevents your honest answer or join anyway. I have many interesting sites among the Messages in both groups and would like you as a member. Truly.

Dear Jefferson,

I really don't believe "About is tracking us both and everybody volunteering at Allexperts..."
I'm sure we can get this resolved.

I simply believe there may be some basic things about Firefox, you're not aware of.

Note, please consider contacting me privately through (or asking questions here privately), so we're not adding more questions/answers about the same thing, here.

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