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Hello James. I'm very sorry. I thought I'd told you this in a follow-up, but maybe you'd had enough or About didn't/doesn't care for my line of questioning. You said you had a different browser open than Firefox when you told me to look in the upper right for Tools and that it was in the upper left and listed what I should see there. I see none of what you listed in the upper left. I see a left-facing arrow, a right-facing one, a key then my address bar starts. When Home, there's a small red globe first then the word Firefox in smallish red letters, a vertical red line then the Unwanted About:Home - sometimes - About:Blank. I'm looking for Tools in order to follow your original instructions I have written on an index card in order to get rid of the About I don't want and wasn't there until I volunteered for, provided good answers, but can't continue due to lymphedema and leg infections from sitting at my PC too long. My home page IS Firefox with a Google/Infospace search box in its center. I want to get rid of the About:Home (sometimes About:Blank) on my address bar just after the smallish Firefox and vertical, red line

Perhaps you don't have all the different tool bars showing.

Go to the Top of Firefox. Anywhere on the top bar (above the address bar), right click. You should see a drop down menu.

The first listed term is "Menu" bar. Left click that, and another bar (Menu) that should be visible.

It will show "File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help across the top.  If we can find this for you, we can go from there.

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