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When I go on the internet. I browse using internet explorer. I get pop up messages that prompt me as to whether I want to allow scripts to run. Two choices (yes or no) appear in boxes for me to click onto. I don't know which is the safe box for me to click so I try to close the page with the "x" on the upper right screen, but the page won't close.
What should I do when a pop-up appears asking me if I want to allow scripts?
I have a Toshiba laptop. I have Norton 360 (Symantec). It displays that my security settings are "protected." I still did a security update from Norton 360 and I still get the script pop-up prompts. Should I be wary of these script pop-ups?

Hello Marv,

Please follow the link below and follow instructions within to adjust and eliminate this error.

Internet Explorer script error elimination

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