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QUESTION: How do I get rid of the win32 downloader.gen virus.
Could this be what keeps turning off my virus protection?

ANSWER: Dear Karen,

Yes, it could be turning off your virus protection, and there are methods to remove it.

It may have helped if you had provided more info about your system and what's on it, but below are links to 3 different methods.

Please note, there are many sites with instructions on how to remove it. However, the majority appear to be unsafe or sites that lead you to buy a product to remove it -  so please stick with these and let me know what happens.

I've listed 3 which are safe and include free tools (you should not try to remove it manually).

First, Microsoft: Microsoft Security Essentials!H

It's the easiest, but I'm not sure it will detect or remove it from "your" unique system configuration.

Second: This one is the best method, but there are many more steps.

And, third:

When you reply, please provide your system and what security applications you use, and whether or not your system has all Windows security updates successfully installed.


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QUESTION: Thanks James:
I am runing Windows 7 Home Premium. I use McAfee for virus protection.
I tried your option 1..didnt work. Option 2 seemed to work. Spybot no longer detected the win32-downloader.gen but there was a new one (Win32.2urFace.bho)

Something is still blocking my McAfee. It keeps kicking off the realtime scanning as well as the firewall.

If I try running a scan with McAfee it seems to freeze at 67% when doing the Web Threats part of the scan.

I have downloaded AVG Free for now so that I have some protection.

Any suggestions?

Hi Karen,

You need to get serious about protecting your computer. Now would be a good time to take all threats off your system. But, in order to do that, you must understand more about the threats - or at least how serious the problem is becoming.

No single Firewall/anti-spyware/anti-virus application can detect or remove all forms of malware or stop infection. You can have the best security in the world, but click on the wrong link and another infection - worse than the last.

In my opinion, you should have least one (or two) additional 2 anti-spyware programs - (online or application), that do not run in the background, especially with McAfee on your system. But you've to research which ones are compatible with McAfee. (Allexperts parent company), TechSupportAlert and AskLeo, and several others have links to the top 5 or 10, or 12 - and several are free for personal use. But, you have to be careful what you actually install. If you keep McAfee, the problem sometimes is that other antispyware software aren't compatible.

One way or the other, you've got to take AVG off or McAfee off, completely and remove all traces using a third party cleaner.

You've got get McAfee working. Or another solution for your Firewall and Anti-virus.

One should have only one firewall and one anti-virus application running the background.
(I know this can get confusing...)

Good move getting AVG for now. But, if you keep it, you'll need to remove McAfee from your system completely, and keep Windows Firewall, or get another third party Firewall.

If you paid for it and they're supposed to be remove these threat -  and you should contact them.

Regarding what you should get, keep, or remove, as mentioned in "Instructions to Questioner,"  I don't recommend one security application over another - at least not here on Allexperts.

However, the links on Enrgy21com represent reputable sites in my opinion, the last time I checked (a few days ago).

I'd love help more, but I limit myself to two replies to questions. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of free assistance).

However, I believe you can eliminate this new threat and any others that arise with the information I've provided. Remember too, you need know about "backups"

I wish I had more time to explain more, but I don't. I hope you have a great holiday and  If you'd like to respond, you can contact me via

Also, get WOT - It's a free browser add-on that gives you site warnings.

Note" I used a search engine. I tend to stay away from recommends that require a personal user to pay or buy something.
A few top WOT safe links:

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