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QUESTION: I recently had Microsoft clear my computer of viruses for a second time and this time it is still not back to normal. I assume many programs have been corrupted. My concern now is even with them telling me all viruses, spyware, and malware removed my computer still sounds like a moter cycle riving its engine when I turn it on, and before I assumed that was a symptom of viruses. What causes a computer to sound like its wheels are speeding and slowing when it is just turned on? Dust build up or something really messed up inside? Should I assume that if Microsoft says things are cleaned up software-wise that they are?

I am paranoid now because apparently someone else was controling aspects of my desktop, and I really don't download much that should contain viruses.

ANSWER: I have always used Malwarebytes for malware and AVG for viruses. In your case, I believe you are using Microsoft security essentials when you say "microsoft says your do not have any problems anymore". If it is not security essentials, I would not trust it. Right now what I would do to insure you have no more problems is download and run Combofix. It is an executable. You do not install it. Download it and save it to your desktop. Double-click the icon and let it do it's thing. It will give a report when it is finished and you will know for sure if you are rid of the problems.
As for the computer sounds. Some computers speed up the fan/fans when they come on or turn off. It doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem. There would be more of a problem if you did not hear the fans.

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QUESTION: So you're saying AVG and Essentials are the only anti-virus softwares you'd trust? What exactly does combofix do? Well these sounds are ones my computer didn't make when I got it. It is 2 years old now, and I wasn't sure if someone opening the tower up and vacuuming the insides is a common maintence? I am not sure what sound the fan makes, but it doesn't seem it should change speeds that quickly.

Yes. I trust Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG.
I would open the tower up and clean it out. Make sure you are not on carpet and the machine is unplugged. To be on the safe side I would leave it unplugged for 10 minutes or so to insure there is no "lingering" electricity before cleaning it. People will say over and over not to put a vacuum cleaner inside a computer. As long as it is not too powerful I have always used a vacuum to clean out my computer. As long as you insure you are on a static free surface it is fine. Along with being dirty (if you have never cleaned it out) the sounds could be different due to a bearing in one of the fans. Fans wear out and are very cheap to replace. After cleaning, leave the cover off and turn on the computer. See if you can pin point where the sound is coming from. More than likely it is coming from a fan. If it seems to be coming from the hard drive, I would backup the drive and look into buying another. It is not a good sign for a hard drive to start making a noticeable noise.
Combofix- Combofix is the ultimate cleaning tool. I have repaired computers where combofix was the only program that could fix the malware infection. It is intensive, has multiple safeguards against it but says and admits there is a possibility of corrupting good files while removing bad. I have used it 100s of times and the worst thing that happened was I had to reinstall a sound driver because it was corrupt after combofix ran.

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