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Hi Lenny,
 I was using bing video search and had no idea that just hovering over the search result would cause it to play. could i get a virus from doing this, if the site of the video is bad? its a nice feature but does this "previewing" equate to actually clicking on the video? thanks in advance

Hello Jack,

Firstly, let me start by elaborating that the chances of someone's machine getting infected by a Virus, Malware and etcetera depend on the exquisite protective measures(firewall/anti-virus installation) taken by the owner. And also it depends on how well the machine is combated against such improprieties just in case you download an actual infected video file to your computer. You could be having a highly intelligent anti-spyware/anti-virus but still it lacks updates.

Responding to the question of auto-play media, to my knowledge Bing videos website does have auto-slides of each video displayed. Not unless "WATCH NOW" is clicked does the specific Video batch gets triggered or rather starts playing. In your case I believe its a matter of normalcy and no worries about it.

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