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QUESTION: Good day, Sir. Recently, I have been having trouble opening a site that I frequent. I did not pay it any mind at first because whenever I connect to a different internet sources other than my home router, it opens fine. I thought that it was only a permanent problem because Google Chrome said it was probably due to some error on the site. But, now I am unable to open another site and it is showing the same error. It's always a DNS error. And I have tried clearing my DNS cache and I have also tried suing OpenDNS but nothing is working. I am using Win 7 OS and Google Chrome web browser. There are only 2 sites that I can't open. I have tried scanning my system using Avira AntiVirus and it showed that I had 1 potentially damaging hidden file. I don't know what to do. Please help me. I just want to access those sites again. Thank you.

ANSWER: In order for me to try and help you, I need the URLs of the sites.

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QUESTION: The sites are and, Sir.

Hi Mae,

Because you wrote "whenever I connect to a different internet sources other than my home router, it opens fine." :

It appears to be your home router. Can you provide more detailed info about it - like your Internet service provider. Perhaps they have changed policies and block those sites.

To check this, download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application. There are several to choose from and some have free and free-trial version. Connect, open your browser and try to connect to the sites again.

Also, did you remove or quarantine the potentially damaging hidden file and re-start your system?

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