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Iím helping a friend after she was infected with a virus and a Trojan, both of which I dealt with by running AVG and Malwarebytes. Actually, she had another antivirus program before that didnít pick up the virus and Trojan, so I uninstalled it and installed AVG.  I thought all that was good until we noticed a prompt about not being protected by the Windows Firewall. I had a look at that and was unable to turn it back on. The message:  ĎDue to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settingsí comes up.

Iíve done a lot of reading on the internet to find out why this is occurring and think itís because the PC could be still infected with the malware, even though I canít see it.  I downloaded the TDSS Killer and ran Malwarebytes again but no improvement.

Iíve seen on the net that I could reset Windows Firewall settings with instructions. Thought I might give that a go, if you think it could work.  Actually, Iíve tried so many different fixes that I canít remember which ones I did now.

Then I thought, why not do a system restore before the PC was infected? So I tried that but get the message:  ĎRestoration incomplete Ė your computer cannot be restoredí. I tried many many restoration points but none of them worked. Have done more reading on the internet and just donít know where to go from here.

Would you have any suggestions that may fix this problem? Sheís running XP, by the way, and Office 2003 and the main drive is C:

Masny thanks,

Hello Lyn,

Please give the SYSTEM RESTORE one last go but this time after uninstalling AVG and totally disabling all internet connection adapters.

Select the System Restore point that has a reflection of MS Updates.

If this fails, restart your system in 'Safe Mode with Networking' interface and uninstall all random suspicious programs. Delete all directories linked to these programs and then perform a Windows Disc Cleanup.

Download and run CCLEANER still from within the same interface.
Run REG cleaner within CCLEANER alongside STARTUP option. This is where nasty and random programs love to hide or play hide 'n' seek with the Windows Start-up.

Disable alpha-numerical signed start-ups for all random/suspicious programs within all Browsers.

Once you have performed all these, start normally and then visit

Click on FIXIT then follow the prompts.

Please try the above then get back to me for further consultation.

Kind Regards,

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