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Hi.  I'm a home pc user.  I have   a bit of knowledge in pc security to the extent that I read all the time.  But, I have not been able to figure out how a hacker protects his own pc.  I know about proxies and what not.  I am not interested in hacking someone's computer, but I am interested in protecting my own.  Any advice on books and what not?  Any help would be appreciated. I've read quite a few, but some get way too technical and are not straight forward enough for me.


Hacking is a knowledge. therefore they know what they are going to do.. they know how they achieve their mission, so based on that they know how to protect their pc. so to protect your PC you can do few things.

install antivirus program and scan PC regularly.
don't accept unknown user's requests and links you get from internet
don't open unknown senders links and attached emails.
don't access un-trusted networks and website.
Don't install software's which are from un-trusted parties

these are the some precaution you can take to protect your data and pc

hope this will help u

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