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Hi.  I'm a home pc user.  I have   a bit of knowledge in pc security to the extent that I read all the time.  But, I have not been able to figure out how a hacker protects his own pc.  I know about proxies and what not.  I am not interested in hacking someone's computer, but I am interested in protecting my own.  Any advice on books and what not?  Any help would be appreciated. I've read quite a few, but some get way too technical and are not straight forward enough for me.

To be straight forward, I am not a hacker. Not saying I could not hack, but have really not gone down that path. In my earlier years working with computers I learned a great deal about trojans and all kinds of malware and how it gets on your computer. To keep myself protected with no infections of any kind for approx. 8 years now I have used AVG as my antivirus, Malwarebytes as an anti-malware program, and have always been behind a router. There encryption algorithms available but the normal WPA security setting on most routers with a good password is still hard to crack. Put it this way, you would really have to have something valuable or be very wealthy for someone to take the time, effort, and money to crack it.
If you are not behind a router a software firewall is good. Try ZoneAlarm or Sygate.
If you need links I can provide them but go to for all of the programs I have mentioned. Most, if not all, are free.

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