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QUESTION: I just did a system restore o original configuration and windows is telling me it has 2 plus hrs of important updates.  I'm wondering how impotant these are if i am running Avast antibirus inasmuch as this is a 7 yr old computer and I wonder if these things will significantly slow it.

ANSWER: You are right in being apprehensive about installing windows updates, especially on a machine that is 7 years old. If it is XP, it will try to update to SP3. In some cases doing this on machines that were not made to go above SP2 will severely effect performance. I personally experienced it myself. Thankfully microsoft must have anticipated this and allowed uninstalling this update in control panel > add/remove programs.
Not sure what OS you are running but I would be "picky" about what updates I install. Some may actually not effect performance at all while making your computer more secure. Others are simply not needed. Others, like I said about the SP2, SP3 thing will almost cripple a machine. Don't have auto updates on or have it set to "manual" and search through the updates and read the explanation. In most cases you will know if you need to do the update or not.
Let me know how it goes.

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QUESTION: How do I unistall this^%&*()*&()(*&^%. I tried to delete it in the list of files and it tells me it cant find it to uninstall.  I tried this once before so maybe that's why I got this message but after doing so it continues to be really slow  I went to kb]950249 at and tried the first two of the 4 suggestions and they didn't work.

ANSWER: I have never heard of this ^%&*()*&()(*&^% before? I even googled it and came up with nothing but a video of cows on you tube??
Have you did any kind of malware scan on your computer? When something unusual comes up like that, the first thing I would say is you have some kind of malware or there are some corrupt files or data on your hard drive that need to be cleaned off.
Go here and try doing a scan with malwarebytes (it is free to download).
If it doesn't find anything or correct the problem, get back with me with your OS version and any other information about your PC.

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QUESTION: I had to chuckle at your attempt to look up D#$^%&*()_(*&^%.  In the funnies they use a version of that in such as Beetle Bailey when Sarge is cussing out Beetle.
ANyway, I tried uninstalling sp3 in control panel and it refuses to do it.  I went to microsoft and got to the uninstall site with the /kb/950249 and tried the first two of the 4 options with no luck.  i went to a restore point before installing this miserable sp3 and that didn't get rid of it either.  The last two of the 4 choices sound like they can cause problems if i don't do it right.  I know I can probably do a major restore again but would rather not.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I think Microsoft is deliberately making this extremely hard so they can sell new product. (this is windows xp whatever version they had on this computer when I bought it in January 2005.  thanksl4bbw

When you say it "refuses to do it" does it give you any error messages as to why it can't uninstall it.
If you had an XP SP1 or 2 disk, you could just back up all your important stuff and do a complete reformat and re-installation of the OS. If you don't have a disk, I would try the last two options on the
There is also some good information here:
It is not exactly your problem but the solution still applies.

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