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QUESTION: I'm trying to remember if it was you who helped me set up 2+ years ago, but at any rate I have been using Avira free anti-virus and Spy-Bot. Updates have always gone well and I have had few problems. A few days ago Windows installed a service pack with my version 7. Since then all updates fail and re-installing either the same or Avira's new software also fail--or won't update. I uninstalled Spy-Bot when it asked me to, so that isn't it. I would go back to an earlier version but the points only go back to this recent service pack (March 19th). What should I do? I enabled Window's own firewall until I get some help.


Probably the Windows system settings could not be detected.  Try this:

   Start Avira Control Center
   Go to Extras → Configuration
   Activate the Expert mode
   Click PC Protection → Web server → Proxy settings
   Click the option No proxy server if you do not use a proxy
   Click OK to apply the configuration

Then check the Network settings in Avira Control Center

   Start Avira Control Center
   Click the "+" sign next to Update
   Click Web server
   Select the option Use existing connection
   Click OK to apply the settings

Let me know if that does not work.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Brian. I will try your suggestions, if necessary. It seems that I have been having trouble loading larger files across the board, including the ones from Avira. I finally concluded it could be my internet connection. I called them and they checked the line and proclaimed it "congested". So they're sending someone Monday to fix it. I will leave this thread open and conclude when everything's done.      BTW, with Avira, is Java any concern these days? They're always wanting to update.


Sorry for the delay in answering you.  I will assume your internet was the culprit, and is now working correctly.  As for Avira, no need for concern.  New virus definitions are constantly being developed and released, so you should let it update to stay secure.  Avira also detects Java exploits.  Make sure you are running the latest Java by visiting  If you have any further concerns, just let me know.  Cheers!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well, the plot remains thick. They switched ports and did some things down at the office but it only helped a little if at all. I haven't told them so (until we rule out other issues). Followed your instructions BEFORE they did the line work. It allowed me to get much further through the loading sequence on the "new" version of Avira, but it ultimately failed, as has every update. This all dates from the big Windows service pack download. Could that have been some sneaky virus? All this suggests so to me, but I am not an expert. I am getting by with workarounds to slow-loading files. So what now?   BTW, the "old" Avira with "app self-repair" option is what is installed now. Also, I ran a full scan in early March and it quarantined a bunch of files, so the machine should have been clean when this latest stuff happened.

Hi Jim

The fact that Avira previously quarantined files recently leads me to believe that there may still be remnants leftover, or there may be additional malware which has not been removed.  Let's try to get things cleaned up for you.  Download HijackThis from this link:
Install and run the program.  Click to Scan and Save a log file.  Notepad will open with a log which I would like for you to copy and paste to me in a reply.  I'll take a look and see what steps to take next.


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