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Is there any such thing as the best protection someone's computer can have? It seems that depending on who I ask (computer people and others alike) they will suggest different software to protect my computer. A few weeks ago I had the "FBI" randomware virus, and had to pay Microsoft $100 to have it removed (which is cheap considering what others wanted to charge). I don't want to be too specific when it comes to asking for protection because I know there are many "wares" out there these days. Viruses, spamware, adware, ransomware, malware, trojens, etc. I just want something that will do the best job at making sure none of these things ever get on my computer or are destroyed shortly after getting on my computer. I don't have patience for people trying to ruin my day.

Hi James

You are correct in that there is no such thing as a 100% perfect protection.  New vulnerabilities are found everyday.  Even if you use a Mac or Linux based PC, you can never be totally secure.  However, there are programs which have been proven to block the most common vulnerabilities.  There is a website which can test the protection of the programs you are using:

I have run the test with a variety of programs and have found that a combination of Avast free antivirus program along with the equally free Comodo Firewall blocks all of the vulnerabilities.  Also, installing the latest Windows Updates regularly helps to keep malware at bay.  Here are the links to those programs:

Hope that helps.  Cheers!


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