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My computer works fairly well for being around five years old. Some programs are slow in opening such as Word and pdf's take awhile to  load up. My kids think my desktop is slow however I am running Avast and Threatfire which I know slows it down some. I have noticed in Task Manger however that as I write this there is six instances of iexplore.exe running. Is this something that I should address? I ran Malware Bytes today and it picked up nothing.
I am using XP and my root drive is C:


Hello Bruce,

In technical terms 'iexplore.exe' refers to the Microsoft Internet Explorer currently running in the system. Running Internet Explorer would ignite its signature process i.e. iexplore.exe parallel to the current number of windows or tabs open within Internet Explorer.

Not unless Internet Explorer is running would you see its signature process appear in the Task Manager. If the signature process appears without IE running, immediate system security performance is advised.

Confirm the hypothesis in both Windows Normal Mode and Safe Mode.

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