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QUESTION: Hello, if my Java isn't updating for Windows 7 what could be the problem?

ANSWER: This could be caused by many problems. Is your OS 32 or 64 bit? Are you getting an error message from the system or from a program. In other words does it pop up on start up of the computer or startup of a particular program?
Get back with me with more info. In the meantime, this seems to be an informative link for you:

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QUESTION: Hello, my OS is 64 bit, and it just pops up randomly every so often not particularly on startup or when I open a program, and when I click update it quickly says update failed. And when the laptop does randomly shut off it seems like I have to close/open it a few times and wait a little while before the power will turn back on, then when it does turn back on an error message comes on the black startup screen. It seems like my computer really wants a Java update but can't get it. Thanks in advance.

I see.
The next thing I would do is totally uninstall java from your machine. Go here download and reinstall the version of java for 64 bit
If this doesn't work I will start thinking there are either malware problems or corrupt system files or both.

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