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I have got my pendrive infected with the virus, which changes all the folders into applications. And so I am not able to access the files from that folder directly. However, I can access the files by opening that application. How to overcome from this virus?

That sounds like the classified.exe virus, which first appeared in 2009. However, because so many years have passed since then, there is no guarantee that your virus is identical, or even similar, except for this noxious way that it turns folders into applications.

What antivirus or Internet security program you are using? If you are using one that you paid for, you should contact technical support immediately so they can analyze the virus and develop a way to remove it. Because these companies can afford to hire lots of experts, thanks to the people who buy their products, they usually can figure out how to remove a new kind of virus within days or even a few hours.

If you are not running any security software, or only running free security software, then your best bet for solving this problem is to install a free trial version of one of the products that requires payment if you want to keep it past the trial period.

1) Download either Kapersky Internet Security, which offers a free 30 day trial at, or F-Secure's Complete Internet security suite, which offers a free thirty day trial:

2) Disconnect from the Internet.

3) Uninstall your current antivirus. This is absolutely essential because otherwise it and F-Secure or Kapersky will fight each other and might crash your computer. It isn't good enough to just turn off your old antivirus because it probably has been crippled by your virus infection.

4) Install one of these Internet Security products. Scan your system and follow any instructions it might give you.

5) Connect to the Internet and download any updates available.

6) Run another complete scan of your computer. Follow any instructions it might give you.

7) Reboot.

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