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My wife and I share the same computer and I received an email listed with her name but she did not send it and in the email where it list the senders email it showed a different email address. The body of the mail was just a link to a webpage.Do we have a virus that stole her list or what happened and what can I do?

Though it's dated 3 years ago, and mentions Yahoo email, the info page below relates to many email services.

First, change and make your passwords stronger.

Second, consider using a password tool (some free for personal use) See

And third, update your antivirus and anti-spyware software, run full system scans remove/delete threats and consider at least one additional layer of security.

And yes, it's very possible a group or person has your mailing list - in which case you may wish to inform those on your mailing list to be very careful.

Using a new uncompromised email address to contact your mailing list, can also help mitigate the damage.

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