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I have a newly purchased laptop computer running Windows 7. I run the free version of AVG antivirus on my XP running desktop and have generally been satisfied. Anyway, when I loaded the AVG program on the laptop, it came up with so many side issues and add on programs that I am wondering if it is still a good choice. Perhaps because I am new to Windows 7, I am not even sure if the program runs on start up. The temptation is to do a restore and be rid of the thing.

Also, in time I anticipate setting windows 7 up on both computers.  

What would you recommend for system security. Currently I use Glary Utilities and CCleaner of system maintenance.


Consider just removing AVG - it's likely the full version they encourage you to buy. Make sure you do so from Add/Remove Programs, reboot and us CCleaner to remove the temp files.

But, first review others (see links) and download another free app to your desktop and install.  

It's also possible, you could remove it, and replace it with just the free version directly from their website.

The following links can give you a better idea of your options. Also, not sure what you meant by doing "a restore" and "be rid of it."

Problems? Let me know.  

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