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I've had bad malware/virus problems in the past and gotten them fixed but my computer has run slow since and had random anoyying problems. now the past 2 months or so its been getting alot worse i had brought it to geek squad several times and they didnt do a thing everytime, finally i factory reset it, which was good at first but created alot more problems messed up graphics glitching out all the time Screen going black freezing alot and flickering internet browsers (sometimes). also i think i got a new virus because every webpage i go has a Flash player HD popup. ive put alot of money in my computer i just dont understand why it has these problems and i cant figure it out. if u can help me with any of this / recognize what wrong i will be so grateful to u and this site! if it comes to it i could pay up to like 100$ to get it fixed otherwise ill end up buying a new computer cuz this 1 has a new problem every week :(

I can sense your frustration. You appear to have multiple problems that could not all be addressed here.

I believe are most closely associated with a lack of knowledge and direction.

Would you prefer I offer to you links to reputable free support sites with a wealth of valuable security information, or would you prefer instructions direct from

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