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I had downloaded Privitize VPN quite a while ago (DD:MM:YYYY 7/2/2012) and uninstalled it with help from a Youtoube video, but when I opened by computer today it was quite slow. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome where also slow. I went into Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a Program and found a weird program called 'MagniPic' I searched it online and found that it was related to PrivitizeVPN. I have Norton, Norton Power Eraser and AdwCleaner but I don't think these programs found the virus. Thank you for your time!

I'm just going to tell you what I use for security. All programs are free.
Anti-virus- AVG free edition. Get it at
Anti-spyware- Malwarebytes. Get it at the same place. The free version is not real time and is manual. The paid version provides real time scanning and is automated.
Registry and Temp files cleaner- Ccleaner. Get it at the same place. It is great for just cleaning cookies and other temp files. It also has a great registry cleaner.

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