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On a scale of one to ten how do you rate Mr Filmers churlish response to not scoring his response with perfection for clarity:

Immaturity:  10

With clarity, I asked "A" or "B".   You gave me "C".  A site clearly for someone with far more knowledge than myself.  

Other than that, you are most likely a very wonderful man to offer assistance in this way.  I meant nothing derogatory to your skillset and area of expertise. I send this with my very sincere apologies, a chuckle, and yes, will happily contact ANYONE BUT YOU in the future per your request.

How could I POSSIBLY know your abilities? I cannot be expected to know a complete stranger or be penalized if I don't. I could not explain the resolution better than the company that generated the error or threat.

You diminished my reputation though happy with the free answer, yourself, and knowing almost nothing insulted the expert who assisted you.

Please note, this is a public help forum. If you have more comments, please sent them to the appropriate party. I have.

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