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QUESTION: Dear sir,

I have problem removing Avast!7 Free Edition from my system.
I am using an ASUS EecPC 1001HA, 1.6GHz Intel Atom, 1Gbyte RAM, and running Windows 7 Starter Edition.
As this netbook is a cheapie, running Avast! slows the operation to a crawl. So I need to remove Avast!7. I used the uninstaller of Avast!7, but it only connects to Avast! website, telling me it is update, then that is it.
I went through control panel, checked the system, checked the memory usage, but only to find out that it is loaded during booting, and though I had unchecked it in control panel, it is still loaded during booting, so it is registered as in-use in Windows, and cannot be removed.
I had Avast!7 disabled, but it is still occupying RAM, and I had to remove it to install other anti-virus software.
Any idea how to remove it?

ANSWER: Hello Siew Hei,

I suggest you trying a third-party uninstalling application/program that will weaken the resistance of this Registry-integrated program. The core background processes of this program need to be forcefully stopped to a halt then that would open the doors to uninterrupted removal.

I suggest you try REVO UNINSTALLER

This will uninstall and completely wipe out the entire footprints of the program.

Kind Regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I downloaded free version of REVO UNINSTALLER from CNET. I used it to remove Avast!7, I used Advanced Mode to uninstall. It looked during the process, and deleted a 553 of Avast related items in the registry. But after reboot, Avast!7 is still in the memory. I ran REVO UNINSTALLER again, but this time it cannot find Avast!7 anymore, because it had deleted everything Avast!7 in the Registry, but Avast!7 is still running. And it is still marked as in-use in Windows, and loaded during booting. So what can I do now?



Now it is the right time for you to utilize Avast's uninstaller. Download it then follow the instructions as laid out in THIS LINK HERE. Then most luckily, Avast would be completely wiped off the system.

Good Luck.


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