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I am using Windows XP and Privatefirewall 7.0.Today when I was viewing my firewall log, I noticed there had been incoming UDP packets from IP address , which if I'm right is my router.My laptop is connected to the router via Wifi.The internet
connection is private and Im not using other devices so I don't understand why my router sent me UPnP packets.

So in the advanced report it says:

Remote IP:
Local IP:

So my question would be:
Do you think this was a hacker?
Are there any other reasons?

Hello John,

Most of the times, when the UPnP option is enabled in the router, these sort of IP address extensions as in 192.168.2:1912 tend to log in the firewall log.

There is nothing like a hacking scenario going on. It's just that the UPNP option is enabled and is safe to be disabled. The job of UPNP is to enable voice, video messaging and games.

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