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Hello ,

I am using Windows XP and Privatefirewall 7.0.Today when I was viewing my firewall log, I noticed there had been incoming UDP packets from IP address , which if I'm right is my router.My laptop is connected to the router via Wifi.The internet
connection is private and Im not using other devices so I don't understand why my router sent me UPnP packets.

So in the advanced report it says:

Remote IP:
Local IP:

So my question would be:
Do you think this was a hacker?
Are there any other reasons?

You suspicions may well be correct.

Do you have an XBox on your network? It uses port 17 to maintain a peer-to-peer link (XBox Live).

The other legitimate reason for these packets is if you have subscribed to a "quote of the day" (QOTD) message service.

If you do not have an XBox or do not normally receive a popup box with a quote of the day each day, then there is no good reason for those packets.

Criminals will use this service to display a message to the victim that is false, for example a message that your computer has been infected with a virus and you need to send money to some company you never heard of in order to remove the virus.

A solution is to disable port 17 traffic at your router, if it has a control panel that enables you to open or close ports. Alternatively, your firewall may allow you to reject all packets addressed to port 17.

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