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25 June 2013

Hello Lenny,      
Computer malware on HP notebook nx6125

I am very careful when using the Internet but only this week discovered that Smart HDD malware must have invaded my HP notebook. It copies files to the hard drive and creates branches in the system register. It shows a fake message: 1720 SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure, attribute #5 on the first screen when booting up.

My computer now boots up extremely slowly and can be slow on gaining access to the internet. Please can advise be given on how I can remove this Smart HDD malware relatively easily, using free application removal software?

Kind regards,

To remove Smart HDD malware, go here.  Author is Stelian Pilici.

You'll note that you can disable popups by entering a license key.  Don't do this; the software isn't trustworthy and may probe your machine for personal or financial information.

Please report back, to let me know how well Mr. Pilici's instructions worked for you.

I look forward to your reply.
- John

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