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Hi! Aside from internet security, i want to know, when my computer is not connected to the internet, it has no wi-fi and bluetooth is disabled, is that really safe? Does that guarantee, that technically, nobody can wirelessly hack my computer and get full access to it including real time screen monitoring? All this, considering the latest and the most advanced technologies in the world at the moment. I really appreciate your cooperation, thanks in advance for your reply..

Hi Constantine,

I take your question seriously. However, sometimes a little humor lightens very serious subjects -and I hope you don't mind.

I don't think they have robot drones with fingers yet, though technically, police have "mobile robots" that can "move in" if necessary.

No, it can't be hacked if it's not on the internet.  If someone else has physical access to it, they can do all sorts of things.

But all alone, it's off. No one can wirelessly hack into your computer unless they figure out how to connect the cable or turn on your wireless router.

Guaranteed, realistically.

Of course, I'm not privy to top secret James Bond movie gadgets - that's beyond my expertise - so technically, anything's possible if you include a little imagination.  

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