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First, i'd like to say i've been reading a lot about hacking and pc security.  I've seen what our government is doing as far as hacking into our pc's and such and it disgusts me.  I have nothing to hide, but it's a matter of principal.  I've tried securing my pc by using free Avira antivirus, malwarebytes and super antispyware along with zone alarm. but zone alarm now wants to install all kinds of crap so i went back to win 7 firewall.  What else can i do other than using firefox with noscript installed and what i already have to secure things.  I know that there is no perfect security, but i want to make it hard for jerks to get into my pc.

Hi amanda:

lists what they consider the 10 best security add-ons for Firefox.

"If one of these add-ons doesn't meet a specific security or privacy need", there really are many more - "Firefox security add-ons" link at the end of the article.

Also, you have the option of trying other Firewalls:


Several other reputable sites specialize in comparisons: pcworld, cnet, howstuffworks, even

Note, all free Firewalls will have advertisements, but some are less obtrusive. also has info about reputable Firewall applications.

Essentially, you have many tools at your disposal for security and anonymity, but you also want to keep your system and browser(s) security apps and configuration as simple, easy to understand and use as possible.

And, whatever add-ons you use can always be removed, keeping in mind that not all will work in the latest version of Firefox. However, in my opinion, you should always use the latest version (with the latest security updates) regardless.

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