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First, i'd like to say i've been reading a lot about hacking and pc security.  I've seen what our government is doing as far as hacking into our pc's and such and it disgusts me.  I have nothing to hide, but it's a matter of principal.  I've tried securing my pc by using free Avira antivirus, malwarebytes and super antispyware along with zone alarm. but zone alarm now wants to install all kinds of crap so i went back to win 7 firewall.  What else can i do other than using firefox with noscript installed and what i already have to secure things.  I know that there is no perfect security, but i want to make it hard for jerks to get into my pc.

If you are behind a router alone you are more secure than just being hooked right in to the internet, whether wired or wireless. You should research the term "proxy server". I cannot claim to be an expert in internet anonymity but I have been able to stay clean over the years by using different things to try and keep my IP address hidden as needed.
When I researched proxy servers I learned a lot. Look into it.
It sounds like you are sound when it comes to software. You can purchase a hardware firewall, but they are not cheap.
As for software firewalls I used Sygate Personal at one time and it was great. I have not used it in years. If it has not changed it would be worth a try.

Let me know how it goes and any other questions you might have. I'll try my best to answer them.

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