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Running: Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pak 2.
7 days ago my computer picked-up the FBI MONEYPAK virus. [I had this once before and easily erased using F8>SAFE-MODE-WITH- NETWORKING and using NORTON POWER ERASER!]
This time, MONEYPAK prevented all Safe Mode options from properly working. I could select SAFE-MODE-WITH-NETWORKING or SAFE-MODE-WITH-COMMAND-PROMPT, but it never got there. The system would go through a longer than normal restart process that ended with the Moneypak screen.

During a normal startup I noticed that Moneypak is slow to start and that a little "work" could be completed before it pops up on screen. So I restarted the computer normally many many many times and was able to downloaded NORTON-BOOTABLE-RECOVERY TOOL to a usb drive. Again I restarted normally many times to try and install NBRT on my PC. The install was always interupted by Moneypak, I just kept on restarting hoping the install would complete.

I let the computer sit, unused for about a week. I turned it on last night and it started normally WITHOUT MONEYPAK?! I don't understand. I never ran NBRT, was never asked for the PIN I never saw NBRT scan report yet my computer is working faster than before and I am using it now to type this message...I ran a new version of Norton Power Eraser But it didn't find any invections...I DON'T TRUST MY COMPUTER.

Do some versions of Moneypak eventually "expire" & "leave" your computer?

Did NBRT somehow start,run,scan and remove the threat in the last week?  

How should I proceed from here, How can I trust this computer again?

Hi Mike

I'm not sure what happened either, but it is possible the program was removed by Norton during one of your reboots.  The malware will not just go away by itself.  I would like for you to follow the instructions listed here:

The removal process uses a tool called Hitman Pro.  If your computer is still infected, that program will find and delete it.  Let me know the results.


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