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There is an application on my computer that is changing my home screen when I access the internet.  Even though I change it under Tools..Options.. this application changes it.  The only things I have downloaded lately are:  software for a new Brother printer,  adobe upgrade, and a new subscription of my Anti-Virus AVG.  How can I find out what is causing this, and how can I remove it?

Thank you

What system and browser are you using and what are the other security applications in use?

Do you know how to find your toolbars in use in whatever browser you're using?

Is there an error message or window that tells you what application keeps changing your home screen?

Very possibly it's a toolbar you may have installed with AVG (and can disable or remove) or another app. You might have been given the opportunity to "opt-out" or un-check that installation, but I don't have enough info to conclude that yet.

Here's more info about the subject you may find helpful while you prepare your reply.

And, no need yet to send logs or download/install any apps suggested in the posts, just providing some additional info.

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