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I am looking for software to protect my computer.  I am looking on the internet and checking out the ones that are free.  Many are free downloading, but after you download and tell you how many problems you have, they charge you to use their product.  Is their any that are completely free and which is the best to take care all my computer problems.  I am not too knowledgeable when it comes to computers.    Thank you

Hi Dennis,

While I don't recommend what's best for others (as mentioned in the Instructions to Questioner), the following sites specialize in testing applications/tools, information and links to security freeware.

Keep in mind, a lot of freeware will give you the option to buy the full, paid version (with more features) -  but you don't have to. (Many offer freeware for personal use, but the paid versions give them the ability to offer free versions). If you install a full version, many will still work fine after the trial period, but with limitations explained on their website.,2817,2381528,00.asp

Try using a search engine with words like "best free security software" for more results.
And whatever you do, consider installing free first - if you're using a browser it supports. It will help you determine safe links to click.

Also, alternatives to most free and free-trial applications can be found here:

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