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Hi James, My computer has some type of malware/trojan on it. It causes pop-ups to come up when I click on things ( & "the page at http: // says: a player is available and it's recommended to view content. to learn more click OK"), it randomly highlights certain words on a web page by underlining them and it constantly tells me I need to update my media player.

I use the computer mostly for Facebook computer games

I have an IBM thinkpad T40 running Windows XP professional.


Since you play mostly computer games, you're likely downloading ad-ware, cookies, even tool-bars and likely malware. All of these can cause problems, error messages, system and browser instability, but not enough info provided to tell exactly the problem is, yet.

You do need one or more reputable anti-spyware applications like SuperAntispyware, Malwarebytes, and/or Spybot R&D, though there are several others - run full system scans and remove what's found (links on or using a search engine  (example: "best or reviews of anti-spyware software").The ones mentioned have free for personal use versions.

Are you using any anti-spyware applications now?

Do you know what Firewall and anti-virus software is in use on your system. Have you run a complete system anti-virus scan lately?

Have all of the most recent Windows critical security updates been installed successfully?

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