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Hello James Filmer,

I am using "BitDefender Internet Security 2012". On-Access scanning is enabled (default), Active Virus Control (normal).
vsserv.exe and a svchost.exe always runs, one of it consumes full resources and picking the CPU to MAX(100%).
   As per my little knowledge, the vsserv.exe runs in the background on demand or when the system is idle. But, adversely vsserv.exe or a svchost.exe always runs consuming 100% CPU on both situations (system idle or working). I can't able to work on anything as the system is fully engaged with the BitDefender only, not allowing me any work on any other things. I couldn't even open a browser or a player or even any application. It is hard for me to continue with this situation. The system's performance is drastically down as it consumes all the CPU. I checked with changing the "On-Access Scanning", "Active Virus Control" and auto-update settings, I even un-installed BIS2012 and re-installed the same twice, but this problem remained as it is.
   Could you please suggest me how to contain BitDefender's heaviness on the system thus by enhance the system's performance.
   I hope you would help me in this regard.

Hi Sumazu,

Ruling out something making BitDefender misbehave -
your best solution might be to get some satisfaction from BitDefender.

I'm not a BitDefender expert. For more about this problem, others have discussed it. (If all users had your problem, probably wouldn't be many users).

Didn't read everything, so this might be a repeat, but it could be another application or your own personal settings making BF unstable. If you found it, it could be removed disabled or reconfigured, but you have to spend time looking for it (and it might not be that).

Or, you could try another security application. (BDF would probably not recommend this). Free or free-trial. You could even get a Firewall app and a separate anti-virus app - but I'm suggesting that - just saying. Depends on your PC skills and knowledge.,2817,2369749,00.asp
(also a few review site links on
If you try, be sure BitDefender is fully disabled, though removing might be best, to be installed later if desired).

Let me know what you decide to do. If you need help, just let me know.

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