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HP info
HP info  

firefox fail
firefox fail  
One photo is info on my system (no identifiers). One is what cut off my browsing on FireFox a few minutes ago. I clear caches and clean registries almost daily. I run MS Security Essentials, CCleaner, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware. The most risky behavior I get up to is playing casual games on (shudder) facebook. Last week Emsisoft found and removed Gen%3aTrojan.Heur.Hype.luX%40aGKciof and now says (even after the painfully slow full scan) that there is no more threat. But now my firefox has been hijacked a couple times since, so I suspect it is still infected. I am looking for a decent freeware solution...

Regarding the virus, using the following public information, I hope that problem is resolved.
If not, please let me know.

How to Remove the Heur Virus:

Regarding a reputable security applications, you made me realize I wasn't clear enough in the "Instructions to Questioner" section. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Here's the abbreviated version now in that section:

"Reviewing security software, hardware, proxies, Firewall, gadgets, hacker tools, systems, networks, wireless devices, service providers, etc. 100% free would be impossible. (parent company of Allexperts) has an extensive library of reviews. TechsupportAlert (on are just a few of several reputable review sites.

About security applications (in general): Make sure it's not a rogue or fake application. Beware of downloader, tool-bar, browser and other "add-ons". I prefer applications that don't require you to download anything else but the software.

Or, download from the software's home page, or not at all.

Remember, reputable security applications can be uninstalled (for whatever reason)."  

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