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I am concerned about security with my home pc.  I have done a lot of reading on hackers and such and have developed my own security blockade.  I just wonder what you opinion is.  I run Avast free antivirus.  I scan with malwarebytes and super anti spyware.  I use windows firewall.  I use ghostery in firefox and i use thunderbird as my email.  I turn off cookies while surfing unless i absolutely need them.  Is there any advice you could give me to do a more solid job?  I've tried zone alarm firewall, but i don't know if it's much better than windows firewall.  Thanks in advance

I can't say too much about your "blockade". It seems you have every base covered and then some. Looks real good. I use Malwarebytes also. I use AVG free as my anti-virus. I can't say it is better than Avast because they are both rated close. I will say that ZoneAlarm is better than Windows firewall.  

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