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Hi Keith,
My 93 year-old dad is on a fairly new HP laptop running Windows 7 here in Melbourne, Australia. He has Norton (yes, I know, I don't like it either, but he's paid up for another 2 years and change is difficult for him)and I've installed Malwarebytes on the laptop. I've run a scan with that and a disc cleanup.
There are really annoying popups that appear out of the system tray when he's on the internet. I kept changing websites yesterday to see what would come up and managed to grab some screenshots and print screens so that I could show you what they are like. I Googled the icon and the wording and found nothing except some vague reference to Adobe Flash Player but am not convinced that Adobe is causing the problem.
This is a recent problem and am wondering if you can shed any light on it. Am not sure if it's a Norton thing (searched for that to no avail) or an infection.
Would be grateful for your advice.

The screenshots should be very helpful.
It looks as if Norton's or something is letting you know every cookie that is loaded on the machine when browsing. I guess when it says "self-destructed" it means the cookie did not make it through, was destroyed by Norton's, or was programmed to self-destruct. This all seems ok, but would be very aggravating. I'm wondering if there is a setting within Norton's to turn this off? Like you, I cannot find the logo or anything. The logo is the Norton color scheme.
On the system tray, did you look to see if the popups were coming out of nowhere or attached to an icon in the tray?
I don't think Adobe is the problem. The listings are probably due to Adobe flash player (which is needed to see some things on the internet) or Adobe updater is trying to update and Norton's is blocking it. You could go to the Adobe settings (probably in the tray) and turn off updates as a test.
Look around in the settings of Norton's, disable Adobe updates, and let me know if anything happens. To be sure there are no infections left over, you can download and run Combofix.
The best, most intensive malware remover I have ever used. It is an executable. It does not install on your machine. Save it to the desktop, double-click it, follow the instructions, and let it run.

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